Altai Lab. @ ECE UMN, Twin Cities


Full List

Ph.D. Students 

Nafisa Prova
Sameen Mashuk
Husrev Cilasun

Salonik (Michael) Resch, Ph.D 2022 Novel Application Specific Architectures for Extreme Efficiency Under Harsh Operating Conditions 
Zamshed Chowdhury, Ph.D 2021 Non-volatile In-memory Computing for Large Scale Data-Intensive Workloads: Challenges and Opportunities
Karen Khatamifard, Ph.D 2019 Addressing Computing’s Energy Problem via Minimization of Energy Waste in Computing Systems
Ismail Akturk, Ph.D 2017  Architectural Exploration of Data Recomputation for Improving Energy Efficiency 

Visiting Scholars & Interns 

Alexandra Ferreron, University of Zaragoza (Spain), Summer 2015
Serif Yesil, Bilkent University, Summer 2014

Undergraduate Researchers

Ryan Leetz, Spring 2017             
Gregory Ledray, Spring 2017 
Zoey Domuth, Fall 2016/Spring 2017 
Salonik (Michael) Resch, Fall 2015/Spring2015/Fall 2016 (NSF REU) 
Henry Grittner, Spring 2015

Lab Supervisor 

supervisor cat